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Shown below is the pricing schedule for Market Data Express Data products. The pricing provided is per month or year per product with the exception of the new Option Pricing Service. For CBOE downloadable options, the price includes all options in the underly’s chain (e.g. Microsoft Options (puts and calls))including LEAP, weekly and/or quarterly options where applicable. For CFE VIX Futures data the price includes all Expiration cycles available All prices given in US dollars.
Visit Frequently Asked Questions for more pricing information and on how to purchase the data.

Data Downloads and Daily Updates (End of Day Data)

Data Products Download per CBOE Security Download Daily Updates all CBOE Securities
(Equities, Indexes & ETF's)
One Month Ten or More Years (50% discount applies) Monthly
Optsum $3.00 $180.00 $400.00
Open-Close $4.50 $270.00 $600.00

** Please note: The dollar value shown for the “Ten or More Years(50% discount applies) “ is what exactly 10 years would cost, actual discount applies to entire order where the 10 year threshold has been met.

Bulk Data (DVD and Hard Drives)

Data ProductsPriceDiscountLimted toDVD or Hard Drive
Optsum$400.00 /month
  • 50% for month(s) after 4 years
Open-Close$600.00 /month
  • 50% for month(s) after 4 years
MDR-SPX$200.00 /monthNoneSPXDVD
MDR-OEX$200.00 /monthNoneOEX®DVD
MDR-VIX$200.00 /monthNoneVIX®DVD
(All US Options Exchange data)
$1,250.00 /month
  • 50% for month(s) after 4 years
*AllHard Drive
(over one month old)
$75.00 /dayNone*AllDVD

*All - All Securities (Equities, Indexes & ETF's).

CBOE Customized Option Pricing Service
End-of-Day Data:

# of optionsper option / per day
1 - 50 $1.25
51 - 100 $1.00
101 - 500 $0.75
501+ $0.50

Historical Data(over one month old): $75 per day, effective November 4, 2013

COPS users purchasing four options valuations for a box spread can be rebated the cost of three of the valuations by submitting the COPS Box Strategy Rebate Request Form within three days of the end of the month in which the box spread valuations were purchased.

Other Products

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Prices are subject to change without notice.