Customized Option Pricing Service

CBOE and its affiliate, Market Data Express are pleased to offer the CBOE Customized Option Pricing Service (COPS).

The CBOE Customized Option Pricing Service combines the expertise of CBOE’s Trading Permit Holders(TPHs) with the simple access of MDX.

* COPS pricing is derived from valuations provided by multiple CBOE TPHs.

* All open FLEX series and other customized options are priced daily by CBOE’s TPH contributors. Customers may request pricing for customized options that are not already in COPS by sending an email to: Request submitted before 1pm Chicago time will typically be priced on the same day.

* Customers can seek prices for as many customized options as desired, as frequently as needed, through MDX’s simple website interface at

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Please contact Matt McFarland at for additional information.

More information about COPS is available at:

*** Please Note: ***

* COPS values are weighted averages based on multiple values submitted from participating CBOE TPHs. The weight of each TPH submission is determined by its distance from the median submission.

* MDX will not produce prices on the initial trade date of a new FLEX series; prices for a new series will be posted on the second day such series is listed for trading.

* COPS files are made available to customers via FTP each business day at 3:55 pm Chicago time.

*** Legal Disclaimer:

COPS prices are derived as average of values supplied by third parties unless otherwise indicated, and are not actual prices, bids or offers posted in any market. Over-the-counter options are priced in the same manner as the equivalent exchange-traded Flexible Exchange ("FLEX")option. COPS data is not, and should not be construed as financial, legal or other advice of any kind, nor should it be regarded as an offer or as a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell or otherwise deal in any investment.